Why Do Autistic People Melt Down?

Why Do Autistic People Melt Down? One Young Man’s Experience

Some might think it funny, really. An autistic twenty-seven-year-old having a meltdown. A meltdown resembles the tantrum of a two-year-old. The behaviour of a child who isn’t getting his own way. Can you picture a man behaving like that? Of course, it only resembles a temper tantrum. It’s not the same. People need to understand

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Anna Tullemans

Disclosing the Diagnosis

by Anna TullemansISBN 978-0-9923000-3-6 Anna Tullemans’ books on Autism Spectrum Disorder always inform the reader from a place of personal experience (as a parent) and common sense. There has been abundant research into the autism spectrum by many clinicians over recent years and it is widely believed that to disclose a diagnosis from a positive

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I Can Fly A Plane

by Anna and Marty TullemansIllustrated by Marty TullemansISBN 9 780648 380603 Marty Tullemans has been flying since he was sixteen.  He was an Ansett pilot until the company’s demise and subsequently took work as a flying instructor until the opportunity arose to return to piloting commercial airliners.  He’d always wanted to show small children the

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The Adventures of Polly Rocket by Jennifer Calvert

Number 6, Tumble Tree Lane, Lavender Farm evokes a lazy safe and pretty place. Vivid imagery is a strength of this author and once again she doesn’t disappoint. In The Adventures of Polly Rocket, Jennifer Calvert has Polly Rocket the wily cat and Butterbean the silly puppy inhabit a generally harmonious house and yard with

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Emerging from the Shadows: Transcending Fear to Freedom by Elaine Lees

Fortunately for Lees, she had experienced an idyllic early childhood and later, some exceptional vocational accomplishments. She also recognised the tremendous guilt she experienced for exposing her children to abuse. Though there were strong perceptions of low self-worth and failure in Lees, there was also a spark of the potential to shine that had always

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