Cathryn Warburton’s chapter in Get Known Be Seen: How to Write Your Book and Leverage It

Cathryn’s story is powerful and inspiring.  From a timid, shy child emerged The Legal Lioness.  The catalyst for her extraordinary life was the disappearance and presumed murder of her friend Mishack when she was six and he three.

This event ensured Cathryn learned to be protective of all she cherished.  In young adulthood she studied law and began advocating for those who required the law’s protection – even when they didn’t necessarily realise they needed it.

I immediately recognised Cathryn’s authenticity and her genuine love for her work when I saw her speak at the Get Known Be Seen author expo.  The qualities that developed from the childhood trauma are evident in everything she does. 

Cathryn acknowledges a future in which many people will prefer to deal with a legal robot because such an innovation will cost less than her services, but this doesn’t perturb her.  She confidently networks, seeking people who see the qualities in her that would inspire the confidence in them to work with her. 

Her biographical book, From Coward to Legal Lioness, allows potential clients to see the real woman before choosing to work with her. 

Cathryn has also written three publications to assist small business owners to avoid legal pitfalls in this rapidly changing world.  They are: –

  • Bullet Proof Your Brand
  • Lawyer in Your Corner
  • What is Intellectual Property?

Cathryn may be found at Acacia Law

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