The Omega Writers Book Fair

The Omega Writers Book Fair which usually occurs each year in mid-March brings together Australasian authors with their readers.  There is a Christian theme to many of the books on sale, however, you don’t need to be a Christian writer, or a Christian for that matter, to apply for a stall or be a buyer at this fair.  Writers’ books should, however, have uplifting, valuing, family orientated content.  Many of the writers bring awareness to readers of challenging neurological and psychological conditions.  Kathy Hoopmann, Josie Montano, Anna Tullemans and I have written on Autism, Jenny Woolsey writes on difference and diversity, Sally Eberhardt writes on business networking for introverted people and Nathan Anderson has produced a beautiful book encouraging children to understand themselves through affirmations and the discovery of self-worth.  However, we don’t only write on the topics listed.  Most of us have ventured further afield, yet still, retain strong beliefs in documenting the human condition.
Rhonda Valentine Dixon

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