About me...

My list of passions is lengthy, writing, reading, sewing, card making, scrapbooking, cats, music, travelling, and steam locomotives.

The latter came from being born on New Zealand’s Government Railways in the 1950s. Steam would not be long for this world. But I was fortunate that it was in my life for nearly fifteen years before its eventual demise. The fascination with steam locomotives stayed with me.

As a child, I wrote letters to anyone who’d reply and poetry that came from the heart.

As a young mother, writing with other mothers of autistic children was my recreation. We wrote from experience and our words helped other parents negotiate the extraordinary world of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Now I write every day. I read every day too. Reading makes me a better writer. I designate days to quilt, make cards and scrapbook. I play music and lavish the cat with more love than she probably likes, but she chooses to stay with me, which pleases me greatly.

Travelling will occur again when the world conquers COVID-19.

And I will always love steam locomotives.

Meanwhile, this is a website that highlights my writing. I invite you to comment if you wish.

Rhonda Valentine Dixon.

Rhonda Valentine Dixon
Rhonda Valentine Dixon - Author