Pip Coleman

Pip Coleman – She Found Her Soul At Sea

I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by Pip Coleman, an Author, Reiki Master Coach, Advanced Angel Intuitive/Medium and Meditation Teacher. She works out of Australia’s penguin paradise, Phillip Island. But you don’t have to go down there for an appointment. There are other options, of course. I met Pip wearing one of her newer

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Why Do Autistic People Melt Down?

Why Do Autistic People Melt Down? One Young Man’s Experience

Some might think it funny, really. An autistic twenty-seven-year-old having a meltdown. A meltdown resembles the tantrum of a two-year-old. The behaviour of a child who isn’t getting his own way. Can you picture a man behaving like that? Of course, it only resembles a temper tantrum. It’s not the same. People need to understand

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Anna Tullemans

Disclosing the Diagnosis

by Anna TullemansISBN 978-0-9923000-3-6 Anna Tullemans’ books on Autism Spectrum Disorder always inform the reader from a place of personal experience (as a parent) and common sense. There has been abundant research into the autism spectrum by many clinicians over recent years and it is widely believed that to disclose a diagnosis from a positive

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I Can Fly A Plane

by Anna and Marty TullemansIllustrated by Marty TullemansISBN 9 780648 380603 Marty Tullemans has been flying since he was sixteen.  He was an Ansett pilot until the company’s demise and subsequently took work as a flying instructor until the opportunity arose to return to piloting commercial airliners.  He’d always wanted to show small children the

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