Broken Record – A Great Break for Stay-At-Home Mum
By Rhonda Valentine Dixon
When a chance to subsidise the family income occurred for stay-at-home Kippa-Ring mum Shannon Musson, she embraced it. Shannon said that the opportunity came in the form of disused LPs that she didn’t want to waste.
“When my uncle died leaving a massive collection of old LPs they were gifted to me. Many were so damaged they couldn’t be played. My creative brain told me to mould them, so I began using heat to shape and repurpose the albums. I sold the resulting bowls, handbags and other treasures at markets,” Shannon said.
“Musicians/bands, TV/movies, sports, wall art/mandalas, clocks, cars/bikes and more can be featured on a record. The centre of the disc can support a small clock mechanism. It turns a simple plaque into a striking timepiece. But if a plaque is all that’s wanted, I’ll try to find an album with a title, band name or song title that matches the subject in the design,” Shannon said.
But Interior Architect, Shannon wanted more of a challenge, so she tried cutting the records by hand.
“That was too labourious and time consuming so I searched for a machine that would cut them cleanly, effectively and safely. Laser machines weren’t the answer. Another artist copied my idea using a laser machine, but the resulting PVC dust was toxic. Over time the dust emissions also damaged the machine,” Shannon said.
Shannon sought out other light industries that were using cutting machines to see what was being utilised.
That’s when she discovered the Computer Numerical Control Router. She programs a picture into her laptop, connects the computer to the CNC machine, places the router drill on the record and the image is created precisely. Shannon files away any vinyl residue to complete the product. If using vinyl records plays havoc with your sensibilities, her designs translate just as easily to wood.
Shannon said if there wasn’t a sketch in her large portfolio that suited your taste, she could create one for an additional cost.
Shannon’s work is unique and a brilliant gift for the person who has everything. Find out more at

Published in the Redcliffe Guide 6 April 2019