Deborah Fay

Compiled by Deborah Fay and Lorna Emblen
ISBN 978-1-291-77387-3

Domestic Detox is a compilation of fifteen stories written by Australians affected by food additives and chemicals.

A foreword by public health researcher Dr Sarah Lantz introduces the reader to the fact that if our environment is contaminated, so too are we.  Lantz says that global chemical production has risen 400-fold since 1930, and over 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in Australia.  Seventy-five percent of these have never been tested for their toxicity on the human body.

Deborah Fay and Lorna Emblen recognised that as a society, we live at the mercy of medical professionals who do not acknowledge that food and environment can be the cause or cure for many of our ailments.  Parents, like those who’ve documented their stories here, have long had derogatory adjectives thrown at them by traditional physicians for daring to suggest that additives can be harmful.

Fay and Emblen have gathered the stories of families who saw radical changes in the health and/or behaviour of their families when they eliminated chemicals from their homes and additives from their pantries.

It is not surprising that many of these parents, after seeing improved health and behaviour in their families, studied Bachelors of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathy and other natural disciplines.  Their words encourage others to consider detoxing their homes, and the book contains many tips to assist readers to do so.

An inspiring book!

First published in The Disruptive Author
published by Disruptive Publishing
Deception Bay, Queensland