Donna-Leigh Perfect

The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar
by Donna-Leigh Perfect
ISBN 9781925833522
Published by Ocean Reeve Publishing

I suggest it would be unusual to find a child who doesn’t at one time, or another yearn for a pet.

And nowadays it would be rare not to find a book that reflects exactly what an adult wants to say to a child on any subject.  

The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar – Puppy Rescue is the first in a series of books that explores the relationship between the author’s child Jessie and their rescue dog, Rocky.  Donna-Leigh Perfect gives an insight into the ardent desire of a child for a puppy of her own.  Couple that with the accidental encounter between Jessie’s stepdad and a puppy that needs a family like Jessie’s and this writer has found a winning combination. 

It is a book that demonstrates the care of a family for a loved pet and their consideration for the feelings of each other.

Children who long for a pet or who love the pets they have will relate to this in a heartbeat.  It is a book they’ll read over and over. 

I love the play with words in the name – of the book and the dog.  You’ll have to read it to see what I see.

With bright illustrations and beautifully produced to the standard we can expect from Ocean Reeve Publishing, this is a delightful gift for a child.

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Rhonda Valentine Dixon
11 May 2020