James Patterson

Deadly Cargo by James Patterson (with Will Jordan)

Predictable is the first word that comes to mind for this, the first James Patterson book I’ve read.
Most of the characters were introduced in the first several chapters (they were credible and believable; some likeable, some not so) and once that was done, the narrative got down to the business of the good guys versus the bad guys.

Since there was no evidence whatsoever of drugs or weapons, other than those in the personal possession of the characters, the ‘cargo’ was foreseeable, though why it should be called ‘deadly’ is puzzling. The only thing deadly about fifty-two women being locked in a steel shipping container for the purpose of being sent into sexual slavery would have been the smell if they hadn’t been found and rescued.

The saving of both the protagonist and of the distressed damsel (the protagonist’s colleague) was unsurprising and that the bad guys were Russian (since their vessel bore a Russian place name) was inevitable. It was also predictable that the Russians were abundant in brawn and personal weapons and less endowed with intellectual prowess.

However, I did not expect the definitive fireball to occur where it did. That was pleasing to me. I enjoyed that bit. 

It is not documented why Will Jordan participated in the writing of this book. It is dated 2017 and Will Jordan has been an internationally best-selling author in his own right since 2012.

I suppose I shall give another James Patterson a go.

17 March 2019