Jennifer Calvert

Number 6, Tumble Tree Lane, Lavender Farm evokes a lazy safe and pretty place. Vivid imagery is a strength of this author and once again she doesn’t disappoint. In The Adventures of Polly Rocket, Jennifer Calvert has Polly Rocket the wily cat and Butterbean the silly puppy inhabit a generally harmonious house and yard with a kind and caring family – until a snake appears. Polly’s process of elimination regarding what Butterbean sees ensures she isn’t disturbed to too great a degree – until she recognises she needs to take action.
Most folks are either cat people or dog people. I am unashamedly a cat person. Polly Rocket is an apt name for a smart, stealthy cat and Butterbean splendidly suits a slobbery, silly brown puppy.

For me, the fact that Polly Rocket is really the saviour of the day is exactly what I’d expect. As an adult, I can see that Polly is not only the true hero, but the incident at the centre of the narrative is simply part of her ‘job’. There is no fanfare, no need for approval, no need to be distressed when she isn’t given due credit for her wiliness and bravery. It is her nature to be brave.

The colourful illustrations do this delightful children’s story justice and the tale itself is engaging and fast-paced. I can envisage this book being any child’s favourite.
I love the ending. Polly Rocket has places to go, adventures to have and who-knows-what to save, every night. She certainly couldn’t accomplish much if a slobbery puppy bounded along. Best to sneak stealthily past Butterbean, out the cat flap and into the night.

Well done Jennifer Calvert. This is a delightful yarn. See

Horns and Halos by Jennifer Calvert

Horns & Halos is a fitting title for Jennifer Calvert’s first collection of poetry. My immediate perception is that the poetry is autobiographical. The horns are evident in the lovers who’ve wronged her and the human conditions that have left her lost and empty. They are all there; vulnerability, betrayal, despair, broken promises and the weight of responsibility.

The halos are the love; love for a lover, a husband, a child, for nature, for the beauty of renewal and for the glow of desire.

Jennifer creates blank verse with considerable insight and stunning imagery, often with abundant sensuality, a generous amount of cheekiness and always with a minimum of carefully chosen words.

This is a wonderful, warm collection of poems to delight women in particular.