Kathy Hoopmann

The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment

By Kathy Hoopmann & Josie Montano

Published in 2019 by Wombat Books

ISBN 9-781925-563764

Mona likes to moan.  Kiki is a worry-wart.  Bart loves following rules.  And Zane HATES following rules.

On the surface the authors have cleverly woven the children’s attributes into a delightful and humorous yarn for readers seven to ten years.  However, on a deeper level, they have Mrs Mythos, the children’s teacher, purposely put children together that she knows need to learn from each other in order to cooperate. 

The children must create and present a science experiment when each has significant learning challenges.  Kiki needs to curb her anxiety and participate with a more positive attitude.  Bart, who has autism, is compelled to accept the shortcomings of the others in order to concentrate on his tasks and Mona must learn to be more positive and less depressed in her efforts to contribute.  Zane, having ADHD, finds it extremely difficult adhering strictly to the rules.  He cannot help modifying the experiment – with spectacular results. 

I smiled frequently throughout this book and I think children who love science will be delighted by it.