Marty Tullemans

I Can Fly A Plane
by Anna and Marty Tullemans
Illustrated by Marty Tullemans
ISBN 9 780648 380603

Marty Tullemans has been flying since he was sixteen.  He was an Ansett pilot until the company’s demise.  He then took work as a flying instructor until the opportunity arose to return to piloting commercial airliners.  He’d always wanted to show small children the process of flying and determined that a picture book documenting flight in a light plane would be the ideal way to accomplish that. 

Marty and his author wife, Anna, wrote I Can Fly A Plane to ignite a passion to fly in young children and to explain how aeroplane flight is achieved. 

The authors were also mindful of children on the Autism Spectrum when they wrote.  They explained flight as it would really occur.  Autistic children need truthful, comprehensive explanations, not incomplete descriptions that would leave them perplexed and anxious.  This book achieves that.

Though written in a fun rhyme reminiscent of A Cat in The Hat, the authors have used the actual language pilots use.  They have included a glossary of these words in the back of the book along with several pages of a Captain’s Log for children to fill in, either in pretend play or on a real commercial flight. 

Marty has illustrated I Can Fly A Plane with simple, though authentic, water-colour drawings.  Readers can also purchase a companion colouring book complete with coloured pencils from

I Can Fly A Plane will delight the budding pilots in your family.

Rhonda Valentine Dixon
1 November 2020