Melly Stewart

Melly Stewart is a videographer with a passion for assisting others to maximise the growth potential of their business through video storytelling.  Melly has combined her genuine interest in a person’s story with her love of the entrepreneurial journey.  She believes that with the right connection between a business and its owner’s story, and that business owner’s clients, the potential for the business to grow is immense.

In the recently published Get Known Be Seen: How to Write Your Book and Leverage It, Melly, in her own inimitable way, takes you through the reasons why videos help a business.  She tells you, in a common sense, no nonsense yet amusing manner, how the videoing should be done.  She makes it sound so easy that even a non-tech savvy individual could be inspired to use this vital medium for bringing awareness and custom to a business.

In her words, Melly is your video go-to-gal.  You can connect with Melly on her website