Trish Springsteen

Compiled by Trish Springsteen
ISBN 978-06484221-0-5
Published by MJL Publications

Disruptive Publishing (formerly MJL Publications) specialises in compilation books that highlight significant issues.  This book begins with an introduction by author/speaker/mentor Trish Springsteen who, as openly as all contributors have, relates her experience of breast cancer.  She ends her narrative with the wise words, “Be prepared–listen to your body, don’t hide behind ‘it will never happen to me’, because one day it just might.” 

Included is a chapter from medical oncologist, Dr Rick Abraham.  He recounts his career treating men and women with breast cancer and informs how ongoing research has changed patients’ treatment options.

A book that reveals such personal narratives and speaks of the diverse range of emotions patients’ experience will resonate with a multitude of readers.   The stories demonstrate the concerns that cancer patients feel for the well-being of their loved ones as they negotiate the cancer journey and confront, together, the possibility of the sufferer dying.  The authors share their feelings of despair and the desire for the disease to be gone so life can resume as normal, though they recognise it won’t ever be the same. 

The narratives highlight career changes that may never have occurred had the disease not presented and shifts in attitude to life in those who survive.  This book will inspire encouragement and resilience in those embarking on their breast cancer journey.  It will elicit laughter and tears.  A worthy read.