Review of Great Grandma Elske’s Bamboo Cane by Kathy Hoopmann

Great-Grandma Elske’s Bamboo Cane is so much more than a sweet children’s story.  It opens the readers’ eyes to the fact that old people are interesting and exciting and that age does not take away the desire for adventure.  After all, Tai Chi with swords is not how the world sees the average ninety-five year old!  It is also a story with history.  I am old enough to remember the bamboo canes sold with Kewpie dolls at fairs.  I always longed for one, but they were too expensive for me to buy.  However, even a child can understand how devastating it can be to lose something precious, and Rhonda captures the sadness of ‘loss’ and the joy of ‘found’ in a way that all readers will be able to relate to.

Kathy Hoopmann

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