What did I say?

Me: Lin, did you take your tablets?

Lin: Leave me alone, bitch!

Me: (Absolutely gobsmacked), what did you say?

It was about now Lin realised he’d said something wrong. I called him to me; he came immediately with a look of “what have I done?” on his face.

I explained that it was never ever appropriate to call anyone that word.

His father must have heard. He came up the stairs. I could see Alan wasn’t angry. I told him what Lin had said and he reinforced what I had said to Lin in response.

Lin, shocked at what he’d done said he understood and went away somewhat relieved he didn’t get punished.

We wouldn’t have punished him when he didn’t know what he was in trouble for. It was so obvious he didn’t know.

It’s those (what I call) American teenage angst movies. The teens say some horrible things to each other.

But that’s Lin’s level of emotional development. Watching those movies. Who can blame him for liking all the pretty girls?

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