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Pip ColemanI’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by Pip Coleman, an Author, Reiki Master Coach, Advanced Angel Intuitive/Medium and Meditation Teacher. She works out of Australia’s penguin paradise, Phillip Island. But you don’t have to go down there for an appointment. There are other options, of course.

I met Pip wearing one of her newer hats, that of the author. We’d both published with Ocean Reeve Publishing, so were bound to pop into each other at some or another literary event, either real or virtual. 

Pip is the author of Finding My Soul at Sea, published in November 2019, which documents her spiritual journey in a non-spiritual space, as Social Host on a cruise liner. It’s a warm, conversational book disclosing the mischief and mayhem of her work and recreational life on board ship, coupled with revealing how she grew as a woman in the process. In short, she found her soul at sea while teaching others to find theirs.

Pip has experienced fifteen years in Spiritual Coaching and tried all the techniques she teaches. This means that when clients take her classes, they will learn how her trials affected her as well as gain their success by learning through her successes. She has been uninspired, unbalanced, and exhausted. She has also over-given to others and not taken care of herself. So, when she helps people to feel more connected, energetic, and balanced, she is her authentic self. She hides nothing. Transparency and integrity are especially important to her.

In her courses, therapies and books, her focus is on offering clients simple and practical skills to honour and fully accept themselves, using Reiki Energy Healing, Angel Therapy, Psychology, and Meditation.

In mid-2020, Pip decided to showcase the journeys of other authors. She would interview writers for inclusion in a Spiritual Events Directory. I put my hand up to be interviewed.

Though my work does not encompass therapies and spirituality, I do write on ‘human’ issues and I co-author books on assisting school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to communicate more effectively. Pip readily accepted me as an interviewee. You can see the interview here.  (3) Facebook

In addition to discussing my work, we talked about the importance of people’s stories. They are our descendants’ history, so we should record them. The world changes so rapidly that life’s minutiae get lost if no one takes time to write it down. It’s not just the profound stories that are important.

We should preserve less significant and more personal episodes, too. Things like the options for my Uncle Jack if the nitrate film he worked with as a picture theatre projectionist in the early to mid-20th century ignited during a matinee. Or the impact on the family in 1939 of the loss of £10 of the weekly budget because grandfather Valentine promised that amount to my father (aged eleven) if he won the trombone solo in the Taranaki championship. Dad won—and grandfather honoured his promise.

What about how New Zealanders and Australians mourned their lost WWI fathers, husbands, and sons? They couldn’t just hop on public transport and gather at a gravesite. And how did families cope with their returning shell-shocked soldiers? These may seem trivial stories or episodes some families don’t particularly want to remember, but those who want to forget may be unaware that such issues impact them and subsequent generations well into the future. If we confront, acknowledge and comprehend the past, we can understand and accept the present and plan for the future.

I’m as passionate about telling the stories of others as Pip is excited about helping people be their happiest, most confident, authentic self.

Can you see that one occupation leads to the other? A revitalised, more confident person has another story to tell. That’s where I, and people like me, come in again. The circle of life, really.

In the series for The Spiritual Directory, Pip interviewed people who were stuck in adversity, who reached out, or accessed knowledge that would help them embark on a journey of self-healing and eventually enable them to shine in their vocation or business and in their lives. https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualEventsDirectory/videos/

You will also see Pip’s interviews with Indie authors who have written on topics as varied as anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, art and self-empowerment, fear and bereavement. Still others have written on childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, publishing, kinesiology, and growing your business with authenticity and trust. These interviews have one thing in common. They are interviewer and interviewee engaged in authentic conversation. 


This year Pip has produced a ‘Find Your Soul Journal’—to compliment her memoir. This will teach people to know themselves more deeply, and to write their own story if that is what they’d like to do. This is being launched in May 2021. Though you will be able to purchase the journal separately, there will be the opportunity to buy the book and journal as a package.

You can find Pip at: –

Pip Coleman Author, Reiki Master Coach, Bowen Therapist (ISBT), Advanced Angel Intuitive, Meditation & Psychic Development Teacher.

CONTACT mobile: 0437 670 820

Website: http://www.pipcoleman.com

SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: @consciouscoursesandtherapies Instagram: coleman_pip Twitter: pipcoleman1 LinkedIn: pip-coleman

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  1. Amazing , it amuse me , I wasted my life as I have not read your stories before it is a new era for me I am also a mother I like to write for my child


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